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Bendix kicks off 2019 schedule of regional demonstrations March 12



The photo shows a vehicle on a demonstration track where the stability system is turned off. The outriggers are installed during demonstrations to keep the vehicle from rolling over. (Courtesy: BENDIX COMMERCIAL VEHICLE SYSTEMS)

ELYRIA, Ohio —  The technologies on display are highly complex, but the reason Bendix hosts demonstrations to showcase them couldn’t be more simple: to give fleets, drivers, dealers, and other industry professionals an unparalleled, firsthand view of these advanced systems.

In that spirit, Bendix launches the 2019 season – the 14th consecutive year – of its popular regional ride-and-drive demos March 12-14 at Houston Motorsports Park in Houston.

Bendix will follow with nine other regional demonstrations – part of a larger overall demo agenda – at locations throughout the United States and Canada into November, while also delivering a slate of customer-specific “at your door” demos.

Dates and locations of those demonstrations will be announced later. Check as those dates and locations are announced in the future.

The 10 regional demos provide OEM-specific sessions, and any fleets and dealers in the demo area are welcome, as well as drivers and driver trainers. At these events, participants experience advanced technologies in action – in real-world scenarios that drivers encounter daily.


“Nothing equals these in-person demos for delivering impact and understanding,” said Fred Andersky, Bendix manager of marketing demonstrations and customer interactions. “Literature, videos, and talking to salespeople all have value in conveying the technology, but until you’re actually in the seat of a truck cab, you can’t truly appreciate the power and performance that these technologies can deliver – or their limitations.”

As part of its long-standing commitment to help the industry understand new technologies and support driver training initiatives, Andersky said Bendix has been refining the demo experience for the last decade.

Since 2014, the busy Bendix demo team – which travels nearly every week to destinations around the U.S. and Canada – has conducted close to 400 demos for almost 7,000 participants. In 2018 alone, the team hosted 83 events, in 16 states and three provinces in Canada, for in excess of 1,300 participants.

These also included demos developed specifically as an information resource for groups that support or regulate the trucking industry.

“Bendix demos are designed to offer value on a number of levels. They help fleet managers and owner-operators determine if technologies being considered for purchase are right for their operations,” Andersky said. “Then, once new technologies are added, the demos help the customer get the most out of their safety technology investment by training the fleet’s drivers – and driver trainers – on the systems, a critical step that is too often overlooked.”

Driver training and education – a popular session the company offers at its regional demos – sets Bendix’s demo program apart, Andersky pointed out. Last year, the company expanded its training by adding a half-day session devoted to it at the regional demos.

The training opens with a classroom segment in which the demo team reviews the technologies, using video support, and answers questions. Then they move to the track, where participants log a couple of hours in the trucks – including behind the wheel – with Bendix demo drivers. A question-and-answer period closes the session. Bendix’s technology experts are on hand throughout, and attendees also can make use of interactive displays.

Bendix places a premium on offering drivers and driver trainers a well-rounded educational experience, punctuated by the time in the truck.

“Allowing drivers and driver trainers to experience the technology in real-world situations – with coaches available to aid understanding – helps them comprehend what the technology alerts mean and what to expect when the system intervenes,” Andersky said. “Most importantly, demo training shows how to make sure the system doesn’t intervene – in other words, driving in their normal safe and alert mode.”

Bendix shows the full spectrum of its safety technologies at the demos, including the flagship advanced driver assistance system, Bendix Wingman Fusion; and the industry-dominating Bendix ADB22X air disc brake. The company shows trailer technologies as well. This year will also showcase the accessibility and scope of the new Bendix® Retrofit Upgrade Program, air dryer technologies including the PuraGuard oil-coalescing air dryer filter, as well as the Bendix Intellipark automatic parking brake technology – and, expected to join the demo program mid-year, steering control.

Driver training at the demos works in concert with other Bendix driver-support tools, such as the “driving with” videos – spotlighting driver assistance technologies – on the Bendix YouTube channel, along with operator’s manuals, FAQs, and quick-reference documents.

At every demo, company representatives emphasize that advanced safety technologies are designed to complement safe driving practices, and that no commercial vehicle safety technology replaces a skilled, alert driver exercising safe driving techniques. The drivers behind the wheel – supported by proactive, ongoing driver training – are vital to highway safety, and maintain responsibility for the safe operation of any vehicle at all times.

To learn more about Bendix regional demos, contact your local OEM truck dealer, call  800-247-2725), or visit or .




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Dupré Logistics expands shop, services in Pecos, Texas



Dupré Logistics is a privately held, asset-based provider of transportation and logistics services that include energy and chemical transport, dedicated truck transportation, site logistics, and freight brokerage. (Courtesy: DUPRE LOGISTICS)

LAFAYETTE, La. — Because of growing business opportunities and demand in the region, Dupré Logistics has expanded its shop and services in Pecos, Texas.

Dupré Logistics has been operating in the West Texas area since late 2014.

The new facility, which is four times the size of its predecessor, will open at noon, June 3, with a Grand Opening Celebration that is open to the public and will include lunch.

The maintenance facility will service and maintain the Dupré fleet and will open for business to other Class 8 providers in the region. Along with the new and larger maintenance facility, Dupré is also building a housing unit to accommodate non-indigenous workers in light of the severe housing shortage in the area.

“For our company to be successful, it’s critical that we have adequate support for our fleet,” said Dominic Dupré, director of operations, Crude Oil Group. “A major key to the success of our business in this area is the ability to maintain our equipment adequately and quickly. The combination of a dry, dusty environment and subpar road conditions creates an unforgiving environment for a tractor and trailer.”

Dupré operates across Texas and southeast New Mexico hauling raw crude oil from the wellhead to pipeline injection sites and rail facilities. In the West Texas region, Dupré currently employs 40 drivers in the area and is looking to hire more.

“We’ve created similar shops open to the public in a few other spots across the country, but based on the demand in Pecos — and the distance to other maintenance shops, we believe our new facility will be beneficial to the region and save other fleets time and money,” said Scott Allen, director of fleet assets and maintenance.

Dupré Logistics is a privately held, asset-based provider of transportation and logistics services that include energy and chemical transport, dedicated truck transportation, site logistics, and freight brokerage. It specializes in tanker, hazmat, and petrochemical transportation and complex supply chain solutions in industrial and consumer products.

For more information about Dupré Logistics, go to .



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Utility Trailers Glade Spring, Virginia, plant receives Liberty Mutual safety award



Glade Spring plant employees gather to celebrate the company’ safety award. Back row frim left, Ralph McMahan, Richard Carver, Rick Mitchell, Michael Phipps, Derrick McGhee, David Sturgill, Sam Hawkins, Tim Jones, Tim McVey. Middle Row: Sam Cassell, Marc Worley, Clarissa Bise, Lucas Jordan, Jeremy Casey, Coy Stokes, Linda Williams, Jeff Hendricks, Odie Barker Front Row: Keith Walsh and Richard Williams. (Courtesy: UTILITY TRAILER MANUFACTURING CO.)

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif. — Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co., said that its Glade Spring, Virginia, manufacturing plant has received the Liberty Mutual Silver Safety Award from Liberty Insurance.

The award is based on the days away, restricted and transferred (DART) rate, which is calculated from the number of hours worked relative to the number of accidents at the plant

In 2018, Utility’s Glade Spring plant had a DART rate of only 1.36, with over 1.3 million worked hours. The average DART rate for the trailer manufacturing industry is significantly higher, at 3.9.  A Silver Safety Award is presented for DART rates that are at least 40% lower than the industry average rate.  The Glade Spring plant’s DART rate was nearly 1/3 of the industry rate.

“Receiving a safety award is an honor and takes a total team effort to accomplish. Keeping safety at the forefront everyday with employee participation is key to earning such an award. Employees identifying hazards, removing them, or managing them in the workplace, keeps us all safe,” said Keith Walsh, Utility’s Glade Spring Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Manager.

“This is the fifth Liberty Safety Award for the Glade Spring plant. This is a huge honor, particularly considering less than 0.5% of Liberty’s customers receive this award. More importantly, our employees are continuously focused on the safety of themselves and each other,” said Bob Griffis, corporate EHS manager for Utility Trailer Manufacturing, Co.

“Walking through the front door of the Glade Spring facility, the commitment this team has toward safety is obvious,” said Sam Cassell, Utility’s Glade Spring plant manager. “It is reflected by the five safety awards hanging on the wall. Each of our over 700 team members were part of achieving each of those awards. An award like this is more than a commitment towards doing the job safely, it is a commitment each team member has toward each other. Many of our employees will stop others, even managers, to point out safety issues. That is a commitment toward safety and to each other. I cannot express how proud I am of each person on the shop floor.”

Richard Williams of Liberty Mutual Insurance, Risk Control Services, presented the Safety Award to a group of Glade Spring employees on behalf of all Utility’s Glade Spring employees.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1914 and designs and manufactures dry freight vans, flatbeds, refrigerated vans, Tautliner curtain-sided trailers, and aerodynamic technologies. Utility currently operates six trailer manufacturing facilities across North America.

For more information, visit .



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Carrier Transicold upgrades dealer locator app



The Carrier Transicold Dealers smartphone app for Google Android devices and Apple iOS devices has been improved with new features and expanded functionality. (Courtesy: CARRIER TRANSICOLD)

ATHENS, Ga. — Carrier Transicold’s free app for mobile devices that helps refrigerated truck operators find nearby Carrier Transicold dealerships has been upgraded with a fresh appearance, a significantly expanded dealer database and helpful new user features.

Now called “Carrier Transicold Dealers,” the app works with smartphones and tablets, so drivers can quickly and easily locate and connect to service operations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and, thanks to the 2019 update, Central America, South America and the Caribbean, according to Mary Udry, marketing manager, Carrier Transicold.

“The improved app now covers the entirety of the Americas – more than 300 dealerships in all,” Udry said. “And for the first time, it offers users multi-language support, enabling the choice of English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. The look and feel of the app has been modernized, making it more intuitive to use, and the amount of helpful reference material has been expanded.”

As part of the app’s expanded offering, Carrier Transicold Dealers now enables access to more operator manuals for current and legacy Carrier Transicold truck and trailer refrigeration systems, heating systems and auxiliary power units (APUs). As before, the app includes a convenient alarm code list for the Carrier Transicold APX control system, providing descriptions of potential problems and corrective steps for different warnings.

The “Nearby Dealers” function finds the closest dealer to the user’s location, including a map, address, contact details and hours of operation. Depending on device and connection, the app can auto-dial the dealership and can help provide navigation to the dealership. Where applicable, quick links are provided to connect to individual dealer websites or to share dealership details via an emailed link to content within Carrier Transicold’s online dealer locator at

Most of the app’s resources require a cell or wi-fi connection, however the dealer lookup menu is available offline – users can always find dealers by selecting a country, plus state or province if applicable, from alphabetical listings.

Carrier Transicold Dealers works on smartphones and tablets using Google’s Android and Apple Inc.’s iOS operating systems. The latest version (3.0) can be downloaded through Google Play or the Apple App Store.

For more information, visit . Follow Carrier on Twitter: @SmartColdChain.

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